Several Los Angeles Homes Targeted in String of Celebrity Burglaries

Cielo Drive where Manson murders occurred

In recent weeks several celebrities area suffered breakins and burglaries at their homes at several Los Angeles locations. Actress Jaime Presley’s home in Sherman Oaks was hit, as was the home of Los Angeles Dodger,  Yasiel Puig located on the same street. In the Hollywood Hills, Kendal Jenner’s home was burglarized, and Laker’s star, Nick Young lost $500,000 in cash and jewelry when his Tarzana home was targeted. This string of burglaries has affluent residents of Los Angeles nervous, as they wonder how to keep their homes and belongings safe.

Many celebrities live in gated communities that have security guards in place, but even those neighborhoods are not foolproof to crafty career criminals. Homes in the Hollywood Hills are often vulnerable, because they are secluded and tucked away from their neighbors. Thieves can move through the canyons, gain access to properties, and quickly slip away. It is very disturbing because some break ins occurred while residents were at home, increasing the chance for violence.  

The LAPD is the second largest police department in the nation, but their resources are stretched thin. Victims of burglaries may have to wait hours for the LAPD to arrive, and then have little chance of recovering their property. Most of the burglary cases are left unsolved. The suspects often have to be caught in the act.

Condo where Wonderland Avenue murders occurred

Celebrity Burglaries in Los Angeles

  • Actress Jaime Presley’s home burglarized in Sherman Oaks
  • LA Dodger, Yasiel Puig’s home broken into in Sherman Oaks
  • Kendall Jenner’s Hollywood Hills home burglarized
  • Los Angeles Laker, Nick Young’s Tarzana home robbed
  • Singers Nicki Minaj and Alanis Morissette victims as well

The LAPD has formed a special task force to investigate the string of burglaries, but refuses to say whether the crimes are related. Many residents realize they have to protect themselves and their own properties, as police can not be everywhere at once. Private security companies fill in the gaps, but even then there are problems. In some cases, private security guards were working in conjunction with the criminals.

Sal Mineo murder location in West Hollywood

Privacy and security has always been an issue in Los Angeles, but this string of celebrity burglaries reminds residents that they have to be extra vigilant. Crime is on the rise in Los Angeles, and the governor of California has released many violent criminals back onto the street. “I guess I need to buy a gun. We’re on our own here. The LAPD isn’t going to do anything,” said one Los Angeles resident who wished to remain anonymous.

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