Privacy Landscaping in Beverly Hills

privacy invasion

In Beverly Hills, home to the stars and VIP’s, privacy has always been an issue, and privacy landscaping plays an important role. As you drive around Beverly Hills, and the surrounding areas, you will see massive hedges and walls everywhere. Many of these massive hedges have been there for decades, but new property owners don’t have that much time – they want privacy now.


Boxwood hedges surround lavish properties all over the world and have for centuries. Landowners of large estates often employed armies of gardeners to cultivate and prune their massive hedges and topiaries. That was in simpler times. Today, regulations and liability issues make labor issues complex. People no longer want an army of strangers and workers coming in and out of their properties. Especially today with all the cell phone cameras, privacy is more of an issues that ever.


One solution for many privacy issues is to install artificial boxwood hedges. Artificial hedges look amazingly realistic and they require almost no maintenance once installed. Artificial hedges can be used to create a fence extension to add extra privacy around a property. Installers can install artificial hedges in a matter of days, not months. Artificial boxwood hedges require no water, and that is important in drought wary California.

Rooftop privacy hedge in LA

Privacy Landscaping Ideas

  • Install artificial hedges
  • Strategically placed trees and shrubs
  • Increase height of walls and fences
  • Use artificial plants


There are many great artificial trees and bushes also available. Strategically placed artificial palm trees for instance, can block the view of next door neighbors. Many homes in Beverly Hills cover their entire lots, and their top floor windows look directly into the backyards of their neighbors. This is why privacy landscaping is so important.

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