Peeping Tom Prevents San Fernando Valley Resident From Enjoying Backyard

Peeping Tom peers over wall

The neighborhood Peeping Tom is an age old problem, and they exist all over the San Fernando Valley.  A friend of mine, a very attractive lady, recently purchased a fixer upper home in the San Fernando Valley with a nice back yard. She quickly found out that privacy is in short supply and a peeping Tom neighbor appears nearly every time she enters her backyard. The LAPD is not interested in helping her, and they say the neighbors is not breaking any laws. He is simply standing on a ladder looking over the six foot block wall.

This kind of thing happens all over Los Angeles and Southern California. The population density is high and people are boxed on top of one another. Privacy is in short supply. Local police can barely keep up with all the calls that come in. Local zoning laws prevent building fences above a certain height. People can’t enjoy their backyards without feeling that they are on display.

Many yards have hedges and trees that prevent neighbors from looking in, but those were grown years ago and they require a lot of maintenance. Planting trees and hedges is one solution, but it is not usually an immediate solution. New products do exist that are an immediate solution, including artificial boxwood hedge.

Solutions to the Peeping Tom Problem

  • Call the police
  • Plant hedges and trees
  • Install cameras on property
  • Install artificial hedge fence extensions
  • Sell property and move
  • Buy a firearm

    Stalker’s shoes on top of fence

In the case of my San Fernando Valley friend, the peeping Tom is staying on his own property, therefore the police can’t do anything about it. He places his shoes on top of the fence to annoy my friend’s dogs. She is afraid to go into the backyard when her husband isn’t home. The stalker brazenly stares at her when she is in the yard, and refuses to stop when confronted. My friend’s dream home is beginning to become a nightmare.

The good news to all of this is that there are solutions available that won’t break the bank. Companies exist that specialize in creating privacy. Peeping Toms are an age old problem and it is important that they be taken seriously. Peeping is often the first phase of more serious criminal activity. We all deserve a certain level of privacy on our own properties.

Artificial hedge fence extension


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