Maintaining Home Privacy: Your Neighbors Have Seen You Naked

Where are your privacy gaps?

Maintaining home privacy is not always an easy thing to do – especially in an urban environment, and a surprisingly high percentage of people have seen their neighbors naked at some point. One study concluded that as high as 97 percent of people surveyed admitted that they had seen their neighbors naked or in some kind of embarrassing situation. Almost thirty percent reported that they had seen their neighbors having sex or masturbating. Another interesting statistic from the same study was that almost 30 percent of respondents admitted that they didn’t immediately look away upon seeing their neighbors in action.

Take ritzy, Manhattan Beach for instance, where people literally live in glass houses. Multi Million dollar houses line the strand where thousands of people ride by on bicycles, jog, and walk by everyday. The homeowners have a million dollar view of the beach, but are also living in fish bowls themselves. At night, the privacy of homeowners is even more compromised, as their indoor lights illuminate their home exteriors like museum displays. I personally have seen people having sex inside beach front homes in Hermosa Beach where I used to live. Were they purposefully putting on a show? It’s hard to say.

Are the neighbors watching?

If almost 100 percent of people have seen their neighbors naked – it is safe to say that most of those people would be shocked to know that. Even worse than that is there are a surprising number of peeping Toms and voyeurs out there, purposely looking for such lapses of privacy. The creeps are armed with the latest technology including drones, telephoto lenses, listening devices, and periscopes.

Maintaining Home Privacy Tips

  • Install Blinds and keep them closed at night
  • Place hedges and trees in front of bathroom windows
  • Install reflective glass
  • View your property from all angles to spot privacy gaps
  • Fences extensions may be helpful

People who have pools in their backyards are vulnerable as well. Some people like to sunbathe or swim nude in their own backyards are within their rights to do so, as long as they are not flaunting it to the outside world. Jennifer Aniston was sunbathing nude on her Hollywood Hills property, but pictures surfaced online when an eager paparazzi scaled her wall and got shots with a telephoto lens. She sued a tabloid successfully for publishing the photos, but the pictures are out for an eternity. Are you and your family safe from such invasions of privacy.

Is your pool really private?

When maintaining home privacy, property owners should access their situation honestly. Where are the privacy gaps on your property? Sometimes the examples are glaring, while others are not so easy to spot. It is important that you monitor your property as a voyeur would, both in the daytime, and at night. Once you spot the holes, you can take the necessary steps to plug them.

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