Instant Privacy Hedge for Hollywood Hills Properties

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Privacy is a big concern in the Hollywood Hills and now installing an instant privacy hedge is a solution to the ongoing problem. Hollywood is home to countless celebrities, VIP’s, and the film and television industry. All of these profile people attract paparazzi, crazed fans, curious tourists, stalkers, and worse. Especially now, when every phone is a camera, privacy and security is more important than ever.


The Hollywood area has a long history of privacy issues. Photographers with telephoto lenses creep around every corner, hoping to get the perfect shot of unsuspecting celebrities. Often, high profile people get caught in compromising positions. Worse yet, the family members of celebrities also get exposed. In the worst cases, people are hurt or even killed because their privacy is compromised.


To make matters worse, drones fly over private properties completely violating the privacy of inhabitants. Calls to police go unanswered. It is hard, if not impossible to catch the drone operators in the act. Property owners are basically responsible for their own privacy and security. Large boxwood hedges surround many properties in the Hollywood Hills, but they were cultivated over the years, sometimes people need a quicker solution. This is where the instant artificial privacy hedge comes in.

Rooftop privacy hedge in LA

Instant Privacy Hedge Advantages

  • Can be installed in days
  • Low maintenance
  • Require no water
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Look like real hedges


Artificial boxwood hedge looks extremely realistic and is used to make fence extensions, cover unsightly views, or as privacy screening. It can be applied to almost any flat surface, or to chain link or wrought iron fences. Professional installers can often install an artificial privacy hedge in an afternoon. Say goodbye to privacy issues and be done with it.

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