Drones Wreaking Havoc and Violating Privacy in West Hollywood

Drones used by voyeurs

The West Hollywood City Council recently enacted several tough new measures after drones have created all kinds of the negative incidents in the city. One drone crashed into some power lines and cut off power to hundreds of West Hollywood residents for several hours. Other residents reported a series of incidents where drones were flying over balconies and public areas violating privacy.

The new laws enacted by the city require all drone operators to register with the city and they must also place stickers on their drones with identification numbers. The identification numbers must be identifiable from the ground. Also, drones are prohibited from flying in public parks without prior permission. Drones will not be permitted to fly at night either, or to hover in front of windows and balconies.

Palm Avenue, West Hollywood

This comes after several residents reported seeing drones hovering over their balconies as they were sunbathing, or hovering outside of hotel windows where people were undressing. As soon as people realize they are being spied on, the drones fly away. Although people use these devices for all kinds of positive purposes, they are dangerous tools for voyeurs and peeping Toms.

West Hollywood Regulations for Drones

  • Drone operators must register with the city
  • Dones must be marked with identification numbers
  • No operating drones at night
  • Prior permission needed at public parks
  • Violations subject to misdemeanors

West Hollywood resident, Douglas Barnes was sunbathing on his rooftop balcony when he heard a buzzing noise overhead. He looked up and say a drone hovering approximately fifteen feet overhead. He yelled at the drone and it flew away. Barnes called the police, but there was nothing they could do because there were no identifying marks on the drone. The new regulations should prevent things like this happening.

Sunset Strip

This issue reminds every West Hollywood resident and residents of greater Los Angeles, that now like never before, their privacy is in jeopardy. Many homeowners in the area are retrofitting their homes with privacy features. This may include installing artificial hedges on rooftop balconies, putting reflective glass covering on windows, or installing fence extensions.



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