Artificial Privacy Hedges Fill in the Cracks at Los Angeles Estates

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Many Los Angeles homeowners are installing artificial privacy hedges in problematic areas of their properties to bolster privacy and security. Artificial boxwood hedges blend in with live trees and plants, are relatively easy to install and require no maintenance. Installing an artificial hedge may be just the solution for many pesky privacy problems.


In Los Angeles, zoning ordinances vary from neighborhood to neighborhood, and all over the city people are tearing down old houses and constructing huge McMansions that tower above neighboring houses. This creates many privacy issues that are a big nuisance. Whereas before the new construction, a six foot fence was high enough. Now an eight foot fence is crucial to provide privacy.

Fence extensions made with artificial boxwood hedge can add an extra foot or two to most walls and fences. Free standing artificial hedges on a rooftop for instance, can block out an unsightly view, or block an incoming view. Residents of West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and other communities around Los Angeles need their privacy. Especially now when everyone is carrying a camera phone, and drones are flying everywhere.

Use for Artificial Privacy Hedges

  • Fence extensions
  • Block out unsightly views
  • Block incoming views
  • Increase privacy and security
  • Reduce maintenance

Another factor that concerns Los Angeles home owners is labor liability. Many property owners are switching to artificial turf and plants, because they do not require an army of workers to maintain them. Property owners are wary of all the workers coming onto their properties and liability that incurs. Artificial privacy hedges can be installed quickly and then require no water of pruning.

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