Artificial Garden Trellis for Privacy

Property owners and landscape designers are getting creative when it comes to privacy, and the artificial garden trellis is trending now in Southern California. The skyline and landscape is changing all over the Los Angeles area, and privacy has suffered. Many homeowners feel like they are living in a fishbowl, as neighboring homes get bigger and taller.


Part of the Southern California dream is to own a home with a backyard paradise – pool, barbecue, and beautiful yard. People work hard and obtain success and buy their dream home, with dream backyard. Then somebody buys the lot next door and builds a three story McMansion and suddenly all backyard privacy is gone. There are options to remedy this problem.


A strategically placed garden trellis can block the view of nosy neighbors, provide shade, and serve a decorative purpose. We have seen garden trellis covered with ivy, annual flowers, and even grape vines. It is now possible to install an artificial garden trellis for privacy purposes. Such a project could be completed in a day or two. The beauty is that artificial plants require no water or maintenance.


Uses For an Artificial Garden Trellis

  • Block neighbor’s view of swimming pool
  • Shield unsightly view
  • Provide shade
  • Add decorative value
  • Hide pool house or utility box


People enjoy their swimming pools during warm summer months in Southern California, and there is nothing worse than lack of privacy. People should feel comfortable to sunbathe by the pool without feeling like you are on display to your neighbors. An artificial garden trellis placed by the pool can block the view, and also provide some much needed shade during the hottest parts of the day.
Like anything else, artificial plants vary is quality and price. The cheapest products are not always the best and then some products are overpriced. Some installers are better than others. It is best to choose vendors that sell and install the highest quality products at reasonable prices. Privacy is a big deal – especially in Southern California. Summer and pool season will be here before we know it.

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