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Drones Wreaking Havoc and Violating Privacy in West Hollywood

The West Hollywood City Council recently enacted several tough new measures after drones have created all kinds of the negative incidents in the city. One drone crashed into some power lines and cut off power to hundreds of West Hollywood residents for several hours. Other residents reported a series of incidents where drones were flying…

Seven Los Angeles Neighborhoods Frequented by Stalkers

 Privacy Matters in Los Angeles   Privacy in Los Angeles is a major issue. Many public people, celebrities and Vips try everything to maintain some semblance of a private life, but they are constantly harassed by stalkers. Find out where the stalkers lurk in the shadows in seven Los Angeles neighborhoods.       7. Brentwood…

Instant Privacy Hedge for Hollywood Hills Properties

Privacy is a big concern in the Hollywood Hills and now installing an instant privacy hedge is a solution to the ongoing problem. Hollywood is home to countless celebrities, VIP’s, and the film and television industry. All of these profile people attract paparazzi, crazed fans, curious tourists, stalkers, and worse. Especially now, when every phone…

Privacy Landscaping in Beverly Hills

In Beverly Hills, home to the stars and VIP’s, privacy has always been an issue, and privacy landscaping plays an important role. As you drive around Beverly Hills, and the surrounding areas, you will see massive hedges and walls everywhere. Many of these massive hedges have been there for decades, but new property owners don’t…

privacy trellis for home

Property owners and landscape designers are getting creative when it comes to privacy, and the artificial garden trellis is trending now in Southern California. The skyline and landscape is changing all over the Los Angeles area, and privacy has suffered. Many homeowners feel like they are living in a fishbowl, as neighboring homes get bigger…

Artificial boxwood hedges used for privacy

Many Los Angeles homeowners are installing artificial privacy hedges in problematic areas of their properties to bolster privacy and security. Artificial boxwood hedges blend in with live trees and plants, are relatively easy to install and require no maintenance. Installing an artificial hedge may be just the solution for many pesky privacy problems.   In…

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